How ngrok serves AI companies

January 17, 2024
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Sam Richard

AI, so hot right now, right? Well, it has been this year at ngrok. 

While some VCs believe every company needs to be an AI company, we believe that ngrok can play a transformative role in the next major tech innovation cycle by empowering the builders in the AI space with a simple solution that solves their unique connectivity problems. It seems that the market agrees with us, too.  At ngrok, we have 16,367 users signed up for our product, and 60% of them signed up in 2023. 

Why the trend? Well, most AI companies are in the building stage, which means they employ tons of engineers who use ngrok to speed up their testing and development cycles. Given the competition in the space, it's not surprising that there’s pressure to ship quickly and iteratively and that these top-performing teams turn to ngrok.

AI can cause unique problems for distributed teams or solutions that cater to large enterprise buyers. ngrok helps these startups solve this with solutions that provide ingress into virtual machines (to get devs access to CPUs or LLMs) or ingress into customer networks (for sensitive data customers prefer to maintain on-premise or in their own clouds).  

Customer spotlight: is building PropCloud, a product that analyzes and aggregates scattered sources of real estate data using AI, reducing complexity and likelihood of human error so that businesses can make better property management decisions. 

The team is using ngrok to allow their distributed development team to connect to CPU and GPU remotely. They also protect these endpoints with OAuth and require end users (Softwrd employees) to sign in with GitHub. 

“Before ngrok, getting employees access to the CPU and GPU that they needed to be productive was really challenging. Now, getting access is easy, safe and secure”

Learn more about how your organization can use ngrok to connect to virtual machines like here. 

Finally, speed is everything in this industry right now–just take a look at all of OpenAI’s big releases. ngrok drives agility for AI pioneers and large enterprises alike   by extending beyond development  and equips  developers to use the same solution  they love for testing cycles all the way to app delivery in production  as quickly and securely as possible with GSLB, WAF and load balancers. 

Customer spotlight: identifies anonymous website traffic, decodes customer journeys and measures marketing ROI for B2B Sales and Marketing teams.

The team has begun building APIs for their account intelligence product using ngrok’s TLS and Header modules in their testing environments.

“Getting an API online is a big lift, but what we like about ngrok is that it just works. We’ve removed a ton of complexity from the process by using the same tool that we use to test to push our product into production.”

Learn more about how ngrok accelerates time to get APIs to market here. 

As a team that prides ourselves on being developer-first and builder-centric, the team at ngrok is proud to support innovators through this fast-moving AI cycle. If you’re an AI startup doing something cool with the platform and looking to be highlighted by our team, please reach out to for a feature. You can also reach us on Twitter, the ngrok community on Slack, or at And if you want to sign up for an account, you can do so here.

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