Public URLs for exposing your local web server.

Spend more time programming. One command for an instant, secure URL to your localhost server through any NAT or firewall. Welcome to Kate’s Site! It’s currently under development… Check back soon! $ node app.js Serving app.js port 3000 $ ./ngrok http 8000 ngrok by @inconshreveable Session Status online Account Kate Libby (Plan: Pro) Web Interface Forwarding -> localhost:8000 Forwarding -> localhost:8000

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As well as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and many more.

And so much more.

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  • @_shadj

    ngrok has become essential to my workflow. Makes testing responsive designs so much easier.

  • @Breefield

    ngrok is genius, replaying requests makes webhooks 1M times easier to handle.

  • @davejlong

    #ngrok is a dream for testing localhost with remote APIs!

  • @thecodeboss

    ngrok has got to be the easiest local tunnel solution I've ever used.

  • @Botto

    ngrok, probably the best tool I have started to use for my webwork since firebug also great support

  • @julianwachholz

    holy crap. is awesome, this solves pretty much all local developer problems.

  • @philadams

    so is basically the greatest thing ever.

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