Ingress for external networks: devices and machines

ngrok equips enterprises to securely connect to devices and machines in a scalable and reliable manner, unlocking new use cases and innovative solutions.

IoT Connectivity is not scalable

Connecting to IoT devices such as point-of-sale systems and factory robots that are not part of the corporate network poses a challenge. Each site operates with its unique ISP, networking, port forwarding rules, and firewall setup. This variability requires custom programming and configurations, which is impossible to achieve across thousands or millions of devices hindering your ability to scale easily. Misconfigurations could also cause downtime for end customers.


Secure network access at scale

Standardize connectivity into external networks hosting IoT devices without requiring any support from your partners or changes to partners’ network configurations.

  • Plug-and-play - Works on any OS or platform
  • Apply consistent security policies for your
    entire fleet
  • Recover from changes in ISP, IP, and network outages instantly

Device management at scale

Automate configurations

Use APIs to configure and manage your entire fleet of IoT devices. Accelerate service delivery by eliminating manual processes.

Standardize network access

Connect to devices using a protocol agnostic solution.

Accelerate innovation

Deliver value faster by leveraging a web programming model that developers are already familiar with, eliminating the need for writing custom software using purpose-built protocols.

Robust security and controls

Enforce policies

Apply uniform policies such as mTLS, IP restrictions, OAuth/SAML/OIDC to your entire fleet of devices.

Private edition

Deploy a dedicated instance of ngrok in your own environment for added security.

Secure outbound traffic

Allow only authorized traffic from your partner’s environment to your network by using dedicated IP addresses.