Global Load Balancer

High performance and High Availability for apps and APIs

Your app is built, and now poised to take over the world. How do you ensure high performance, availability, and handle traffic spikes seamlessly to a global audience? That’s where ngrok’s Global Load Balancer comes in. Our out-of-the-box, zero configuration Global Load Balancer as a service takes care of high performance and high availability for your applications, APIs, and services, wherever your origin host service is.

How it works

ngrok operates a global network to manage traffic to all your services
  1. Minimize latency with intelligent routing
  2. Ensure high performance
  3. Maintain high performance by automatically directing end-user and agent traffic to the Point of Presence (PoP) with the lowest latency.
  1. Geo-aware load balancing and failover
  2. Ensure high availability
  3. Achieve high availability by always steering traffic from a PoP that is unavailable to one that is operational.
  1. Ingress as-a-service so you don’t have to be on-call
  2. No more struggles with appliance-based GSLBs
  3. Building and scaling a global delivery network is hard and networking isn’t your core competency. ngrok has invested thousands of hours building fault-tolerant global infrastructure that automatically recovers from hardware and network failures to keep your apps and APIs online. Free ITOps and NetOps teams from the complexity of managing appliance-based global server load balancers and orchestrating the GSLB network.
  1. Instant availability of new upstream servers
  2. Flawless app delivery
  3. When a server is added in a new region, it instantly becomes available across ngrok’s Global Network. No need to struggle with appliance-based GSLBs which take a long time to orchestrate new regions. Any policy configurations such as authentication also take effect immediately for a flawless experience.
  1. Global Acceleration
  2. Smart Routing, Faster Delivery
  3. Your customers will enjoy a speed boost as ngrok pushes traffic policies that you configure to its global network. So authentication, TLS termination, transformations, load balancing and more happen as close to your customers as possible. ngrok is also constantly expanding its network. As we grow, your app gets faster.
  1. A cloud-agnostic balancer to your multi-cloud deployment
  2. Multi-cloud delivery made easy
  3. Got apps and APIs scattered across multiple clouds for optimal performance and availability? ngrok manages traffic in a frictionless manner ensuring a smooth experience for your customers without any operational overhead for you.

Global Load Balancer

This is an illustration of latency-based routing. You have a service,, that's hosted out of a data center in Europe. User requests from both Berlin and Tokyo to are routed through eu-fra-1, the PoP with the lowest latency, 30 ms. User request from SF is routed through us-cal-1. Routing requests intelligently through PoPs with lowest latency ensures flawless experience for all users.

Pay as you go

Ditch high upfront costs and pay only for the devices you use. Start small with prototypes and ramp up quickly without breaking the bank.

Batteries included

Typically, you need to stitch together many different solutions and tools such as API gateway, Kubernetes Ingress, DDoS protection to securely deliver your apps and APIs. With ngrok, you get all of that more out of the box:
Typically, you need to stitch together many different solutions and tools or write custom code to handle performance, security, observability, and availability requirements. With ngrok, you get all of that and more out of the box:
Kubernetes Ingress

Manage traffic to your Kubernetes clusters using our Ingress Controller or the new Gateway API that is role-oriented and expressive. Unlike other controllers, when you use ngrok you don’t need to configure any low-level networking primitives like IPs, VPC routing, egress gateways and network interfaces. Just helm install the ngrok Kubernetes Operator and you're online.

API Gateway

ngrok’s built-in API gateway enables secure and instant connectivity to APIs with just one command or one function call. Configure rate limiting, JWT validation using our simple, flexible, and idiomatic JSON and CEL-based traffic policy engine.


Troubleshoot issues in real-time by getting visibility into traffic flows and other events right in the dashboard. Or forward traffic logs to your favorite observability tool and audit logs of configuration changes to your SIEM.

DDoS Protection

ngrok cloud enforces authentication and authorization, preventing unauthorized traffic from ever reaching your cluster and rogue webhooks from looping and spamming your service.

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