# Abuse


If you wish to report abusive or illegal behavior that is prohibited by our Terms of Use on a site hosted by ngrok, please email abuse@ngrok.com with the offending URL and a description of the type of abuse observed.

You will receive an email confirmation that your report has been submitted and is under review.

Fighting Abuse on the Internet

Malicious actors are an unfortunate and unavoidable reality of operating an internet service. At ngrok we believe in a multi-pronged approach to combat these actors. We've invested deeply in automated systems that flag abusive activity with real-time monitoring of edge traffic, account activity and third party reports. We combine this with human moderation and tools to remove malicious and illegal content from our service with minimal exposure to the public internet.


Two strengths of ngrok's tunneling technology are that it makes trusting the authentication at our edge safe and it protects origin servers from attacks by hiding the hosting IPs. Unfortunately this anonymity can also incentivize the use of ngrok to host illegal content. To remove this incentive, ngrok's free plans publish the originating IPs in the ngrok-agent-ips header on all HTTP responses served on behalf of a tunneled ngrok agent.

API Integration

An additional way in which we've made content removal more efficient is by providing a direct API integration for reporting abuse. If you expect to report a significant volume of abuse or work with an institutional fraud prevention firm, please reach out to us directly to inquire about access to integrate directly with our abuse reporting API.