Ingress for production applications and APIs

ngrok reduces the complexity of application and API delivery by unifying multiple point tools, accelerating time to market and enhancing operational agility.


Application Delivery is broken

Delivering an application or API requires stitching together many technologies, including WAFs, GSLBs, load balancers, reverse proxies, Kubernetes Ingress Controllers, and API gateways. Bringing an application or API into production takes weeks or months, requiring code and network changes, and coordination with DevOps, NetOps, and Security teams to ensure security, compliance, and governance.

This cumbersome process places a burden on Dev and Ops teams, and slows down feature velocity and innovation, leading to lost competitiveness and customers.


Fix app delivery with a unified ingress platform

Slash complexity in application and API delivery:

  • Unify GSLB, WAF, load balancers, API gateways, and Kubernetes Ingress Controllers with SaaS
  • Offload traffic routing, security, load balancing, and observability to ngrok's global network
  • No trade-off between performance and security
Unify multiple point tools with ngrok

Offload traffic routing, security, load balancing, and observability to ngrok's global network, accelerating time to market and enhancing operational efficiency.

Simplify application and API delivery

Drive operational agility

Unify multiple standalone tools into a single easy to use ingress platform. Boost IT efficiency by eliminating hardware and tool sprawl.

Accelerate time to market

Free IT Ops and developers from cumbersome processes and speed up application and API deployment and delivery in production.

Boost performance and resilience

Automatically route end-user traffic to the nearest ngrok Point of Presence (PoP) based on latency, and manage failover with ngrok’s global network.

Robust security and controls

Enforce policies

Apply policies such as mTLS, IP restrictions, OAuth/OIDC/SAML to your services.

Prevent DDoS attacks

Block unauthorized requests before they even reach your network by enforcing authentication and authorization at the ngrok edge.

Monitor traffic

Monitor events and traffic flow by forwarding ngrok traffic logs to your preferred observability tool and audit logs of configuration changes to your SIEM.
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