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For developers bringing new projects to life

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No risk to use ngrok
(for non-commercial use)
  • Ephemeral/Random domains
  • Serve HTTP apps, webhooks, and APIs
  • Automated SSL/TLS certificates
  • Restrict access to your services with OAuth
  • Webhook security verifications
  • Request inspection & replay
  • APIs and Terraform provider
  • Restricted bandwidth and usage
  • Free email support


For individual developers with non-commercial projects

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license / mo
billed annually
($10 billed monthly)
  • All free features
  • One custom domain or ngrok subdomain
  • One reserved ngrok TCP address
  • Serve TCP traffic


For teams of developers and scaling production

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license / mo
billed annually
($25 billed monthly)
  • All personal features
  • Edge managed configuration
  • Granular configuration per URL route
  • Unlimited webhook verification providers
  • Load balancing
  • On-demand pricing for additional usage


For businesses with advanced security needs

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license / mo
billed annually
($75 billed monthly)
  • All pro features
  • OIDC/SAML SSO at the edge
  • Dashboard SSO
  • Wildcard domains
  • TLS edges and tunnels
  • Mutual TLS
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Over the wire agent updates
  • Agent ACLs
  • IP restrictions

IoT, B2B, and Production Development

Usage based pricing for businesses with high volume and connections

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  • Pay for what you use
  • Volume discounts
  • Premium support
  • Custom invoicing
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Team Members 1 1 1 per License 1 per License
Connect any system fast and with confidence
1 1 per License
then $14/mo per addl agent
1 per License
then $14/mo per addl agent
1 per License
then $45/mo per addl agent
Add a global network to your apps with edge connectivity, access control, resiliency, and encryption
1 1 per License
then $14/mo per addl domain
1 per License
then $14/mo per addl domain
1 per License
then $45/mo per addl domain

Secure Tunnels


Launch secure tunnels to websites, REST APIs, and Webhook listeners
Launch secure tunnels to Servers, Databases, and any TCP compatible system
Launch secure tunnels with additional encryption


Inspect and troubleshoot requests in real-time via inspection UI and APIs
Replay any request with a single click and dramatically speed up your iteration cycle
Serve local files with a built-in fileserver


Install and launch tunnels on all major Operating Systems (OS) with lightweight agents
Launch tunnels in your container infrastructure with Docker containers
Run secure tunnels without agents via ssh gateway
Manage tunnels, collect metrics, inspect, and replay requests programmatically
Proxy outbound traffic via ngrok agent

Agent Management

Keep tunnels up after process crashes, system crashes, and energy outages with native integrations to OS services like systemd and Windows Services
Monitor and manage agents remotely via our CLI, APIs, SDK, and Admin Dashboard
Update agents without requiring side channels, backdoors, VPNs, or additional remote clients


Provide unique authtokens for ngrok agents, enabling granular Access Control
Restrict tunnel connections with Access Control Lists (ACLs)
Limit agents launching secure tunnels using IP allow and deny lists
Customize your URL for tunnel communications and improve security and branding
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Authenticate tunnel traffic with mutual TLS client authentication
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Ensure no one – not even ngrok – see your tunnel data with end-to-end encryption
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Cloud Edge


Front HTTP Sites, Apps, and APIs with edge availability, security, and performance
Add edge connectivity to servers, databases, and any TCP-based systems
Add an extra layer of security to your network with the highest graded encryption

Edge Logic

Modify HTTP requests and responses to send data to your systems and enforce security headers
Enrich event logs and requests with the IP and geographic context from requesters
Add security, observability, encryption, and logic to HTTP, TCP, and TLS traffic
Define behaviors and logic granularly per URL
up to 3 up to 3 up to 50


Improve your App performance with native HTTP/2 and ALPN support
Optimize HTTP traffic and reduce traffic and improve response times
Protect and isolate your services from spikes and cascading failures
Route edge traffic to multiple backends for scale and fault tolerance
up to 3 origins unlimited origins
Route edge traffic to backends based on percentage. Great for canary and blue/green deployments

Identity & Access Control

Restrict access to edges with HTTP Basic authentication
Ensure that only legitimate webhook calls reach your systems with built-in validation of webhook request signatures
500 verifications/mo 500 verifications/mo
Add Facebook, GitHub, Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Authentication with OpenID Connect/OAuth in a single command
5 MAUs included 50 MAUs included 50 MAUs
then $50/mo per 1000 MAUs
50 MAUs
then $50/mo per 1000 MAUs
Request specific scopes with the OAuth authorization request
Restrict edge access using SAML and OpenID Connect Single Sign-On
$100/mo per 10 MAUs
Restrict SAML, OIDC, and OAuth access based on user email and email domain
Add SSO with multiple SAML, OAuth, and OpenID Connect Identity Providers for partners
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Authenticate machines access to edges with TLS client authentication


All ngrok HTTP edges are automatically secured with TLS certificates and A+ graded encryption
Bring your own certificates for control, Mutual TLS Authentication, and Zero-Knowledge encryption
Granularly restrict access to Edges and URL routes using IP allow and deny lists

Private Labeling

Get a random ngrok subdomain automatically assigned every time you launch an edge or tunnel
Reserve and assign custom ngrok URLs for your edges to keep configurations consistent
1 1 per license 1 per license
Reserve and assign ngrok addresses to keep TCP configurations consistent
1 1 per license 1 per license
Customize tunnels with your own domain and branding
1 1 per license 1 per license
Handle traffic for all subdomains using a single edge


Manage edge, tunnel, and security configurations from a friendly UI
Manage edge, tunnel, and security configurations programmatically via our official APIs and community-built SDKs
Manage ngrok using our official Terraform Provider
Invite multiple users to create and manage secure tunnels and cloud edges
Restrict administrative access rights based on Roles
Restrict access to Edges using IP allow and deny lists
Restrict access to the Dashboard using IP allow and deny lists
Restrict access to APIs using IP allow and deny lists
Monitor and keep a history of administrative events via event logs
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Observe and record audit events to meet compliance. Integrate with SIEM tools to analyze events in real-time
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Get help directly from the ngrok team
Production support, with anytime access to ngrok's support engineers
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Custom Invoicing Contact us
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Number of simultaneous tunnels per agent
2 20 20 20
Peak simultaneous TCP connections
up to 100 up to 100 100
then $0.01/conn
then $0.01/conn
Peak TCP connection rate
up to 120/min up to 120/min 120/min
then $0.01/conn/min
then $0.01/conn/min
Network Bandwidth in a month per agent
up to 1GB/mo up to 1GB/mo 1GB/mo
then $0.10/gb
then $0.10/gb

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Frequently asked questions

A license includes one user, one Secure Tunnel Agent, and one Cloud Edge Domain. Additional users, Agents, and Domains are available a la carte.
Access Control via OAuth, OpenID Connect, and SAML is priced by Monthly Active Users (MAUs). MAUs represent the number of unique users who logged into your edges and tunnels via within a month.
We have just released a personal plan with an attractive price for personal projects and hobbies. It gives you all the goodies of ngrok free, plus the ability to set your own custom domains, and serve TCP traffic.
Yes. We offer volume discounts starting at 100 licenses. Email sales@ngrok.com more details.