Wall of Love

ngrok is about 1000x better than any other local tunnel tool I've used. Usually they are a nightmare.matt at populi
ngrok is pretty much my favorite thing right now @EWDurbin
#ngrok is a dream for testing localhost with remote APIs! @davejlong
@inconshreveable No need to download the newest ngrok because... it updates itself! You are the best. @brent_noorda
ngrok, probably the best tool I have started to use for my webwork since firebug also great support @inconshreveable @Botto
holy crap. is awesome, this solves pretty much all local developer problems.@julianwachholz
ngrok: moved ~/bin already, the web inspector is gold @pedromelo
Holy crap! #ngrok. Tell everyone! The most useful thing ever! @paulcampbell_
so is basically the greatest thing ever. @philadams
ngrok is the most amazing thing @ws
Using ngrok last night...awesome! definitely must have tool! @junwatu
ngrok is making my life so much better. #devstuff briancantrell
Man, you rule the Internet. Ngrok is a great tool, very useful and stable. Few http and tcp tunnels run on my Raspberry PI server. merlinnot
@robhawkes I honestly don’t know what I would do without Ngrok nowadays@sydlawrence
Ngrok is one of the most awesome tools I have found. @JakCharlton
ngrok is insanely useful. Well done @inconshreveable. @dN0t
I've been using ngrok for tunnels to localhost, best app like this I've used. It just works. @tommoo
on an unrelated dev tools note, have you tried Ngrok? its changed my bloody life! @errkk
When I heard about #ngrok I thought it sounded great, but I didn't realise it would be so incredibly simple to use @steve_south just saved the day. @rjohnthas
Impressed with ngrok, a nice "local tunnel" client and server. Open source and Windows-friendly. @jkarneges
So my custom/static localtunneling woes have been vanquished. Thanks ngrok! @adelamodwala
This is a MUST for all Web Developers!! Make your localhost reachable from Anywhere instantly @AxSaucedo
Really cool. Not only tunnels, also replay & inspection capability: ngrok @adriaan_pelzer
Ngrok is the software equivalent of Slash's guitar solo in "Sweet Child of Mine" @kevinwhinnery This program is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. @mattarnster
Wow, is awesome!@dshafik
I tried ngrok for the first time today and I love it! Give it a shot when testing/demoing an app without deployment@sidonath
ngrok, expose your localhost dev server to the internet. Worked like a charm...@dcabo
Very impressed with ngrok by @inconshreveable - no nonsense tunnel hosting with HTTP inspection@samlown
Awesome tool: Introspected tunnels to localhost +10000 :)@jaimefebres
Helpful tool to test remote server HTTP(S) callbacks. Introspected tunnels to localhost: ngrok Pretty awesome!@a_alfredo
And my "favorite dev tool of the week" award goes to . Makes local mobile testing so much easier.@louischavez
I may have said it before, but #ngrok is a fantastic piece of software.@codegangsta
Just discovered ngrok - this is pretty amazing. Makes getting a locally hosted dev site accessible over the internet (over https) so simple@theunfocused
Just got to know #ngrok: It's amazing!@SeraAndroid
Just fell in love with Ngrok - Tunnels directly to localhost - Great for team projects. @corbinfraser
Ngrok where have you been all my life.@Januzellij
Ngrok is the coolest thing.@LennyKhazan
I have been looking for something like #ngrok for some time. Super nice@bjeanes
ngrok is so effing amazing@motdotla
Wow! Loving the tunnelling service . Setup a public tunnel to your localhost with eeeease.@mihar
If you need to publicly expose localhost, I highly recommend ngrok by @inconshreveable – fast, stable, solid web UI.@vandrijevik
this ngrok utility just made my day@SenorLlama
shoutout to @inconshreveable for ngrok, the most awesome localhost tunnel ever@clarklab
ngrok seems to be the most reliable tool for localhost tunneling. Thanks @inconshreveable!@matinm1
So my custom/static localtunneling woes have been vanquished. Thanks ngrok!@adelamodwala
ngrok rocks. #justsaying. Thanks @inconshreveable!@phildye
ngrok ( ) is an awesome and elegant solution for exposing localhost to the internet. Saves loads of time.@anoopsankar
<3 ngrok (
@inconshreveable This is super useful and time saver@jitendravyas
So good.
Ngrok is a fantastic tool!@epicserve
Wow #ngrok is awesome!@BobaFaux
ngrok ( is fantastic. Makes developing applications with API dependencies a breeze.@jamescgibson
ngrok is so great when you need to let something on the web access a local Rails app running on Pow.@olivierlacan
ngrok is making my life so much better.
If you are a developer and have to test 3rd party services locally I highly recommend ngrok@dougdrouillard
Wow, just found the web interface for which allows inspection of all requests. So useful@imackinn
zomg ngrok is really good!@revdancatt
Pure joy and excitement just happened the moment I got to my dev website on localhost using ngrok! Very useful app right there.@thatpatrickguy
just discovered - ad-hoc tunnels to your locally running server. amazing.@jasiek_
ngrok is THE tool to use at hackathons!@cashbagel
#ngrok is simply a.m.a.z.i.n.g. !!@karansachdeva86
Can’t believe I’m just discovering #ngrok: Incredibly useful developer tool!@taoeffect
I just created a tunnel to a local #django dev server in less than 30 secs thanks to and @inconshreveable <3@a_WIZZARD
#ngrok — this is all kinds of awesome.@__DarkBlue
ngrok - This became usable immediately.@V13Axel
Check out ngrok - This is awesome!@jdmiller82
Ngrok was the perfect solution to my problem. Simple and sweet, I love it!K Schellens
#ngrok has become essential to my workflow. Makes testing responsive designs so much easier.@_shadj
ngrok is genius, replaying requests makes webhooks 1M times easier to handle. @Breefield
Just got introduced to #ngrok by @geddski. This thing's amazing.@kentcdodds
#ngrok has got to be the easiest local tunnel solution I've ever used.@thecodeboss
@inconshreveable Just the best service ever. I may be dreaming right now.@Roman2K
Finding ngrok was like realizing I was doing it all wrong. Oh so wrong...@AurelioReis
I admit it: I would just roll my eyes and run ssh -R… when folks talked about tunnel services. But ngrok is pretty cool. Inspection &replay!@eriktheplaid
Just used ngrok for the first time! Incredible intuitive and feature packed. Nice job @inconshreveable.@austinylin
Just started using ngrok for localhost tunneling. Replay is awesome.@uberllama
ngrok has proven itself to be awesome.@R38Y
Amazing tool.@kootoopas
Comparte tus archivos locales online con #ngrok > ¡¡Re útil para compartir maquetas!!@Xaviju
Handy Tip: USE NGROK.@rbin
Viens de tester pour avoir une adresse http qui pointe sur mon localhost. Génial!@damienriccio great tool !! solved a problem for me trying to show my client the progress by exposing localhost web server@atheistmind
Super super useful@jayroh
Ngrok is freaking tight@boram
ngrok tunneling has made cross device testing pure bliss @cr_api is amazing.@pocketconfetti
Ngrok, you are my savior.@jtorraca
@puntofisso just introduced me to This is going to speed up workflow so much.@_shadj
Wait, stop everything! Are you telling me that #ngrok can capture webhooks/PayPal IPN requests and let me replay them at my leisure!?@wizonesolutions
ngrok is amazing@perfnormalbeast
welp, best thing I've seen on the internet in a long time @FitNerdAlerts
#ngrok is one of the most useful tools I have ever come across. Demo your work without deploying@chrisdingli
If you're testing webhooks without using , I feel really bad for you. Such amazingness.@dwrowe
after using it during several months it's my new #musthave #DevTools@agerlic
#ngrok might be the greatest thing ever@raymondjacobson
The real-time Inbound Request browser interface in ngrok is so slick! As is the CLI. Super easy. Props to @inconshreveable@dzello
#ngrok is awesome. I'm in love. @janajri
Thing I didn't know about until today — ngrok. Holy CRAP that solves a lot of problems for me.@awiltsch
Thank @inconshreveable for the ngrok... what a beauty...@ibuildinternet
Oh Ngrok, how easy you make it to test wekhooks. I wish I had found you sooner.@macmartine
Ngrok is badass for tunnelling your ports and replaying requests@NickWoodhams
pow + @inconshreveable ngrok is pure awesome @ryanbillingsley
ngrok is amazing and indispensible@multiplegeorges
hmm ngrok is really nice. Why didn't anybody tell me about this before :)@jelmer1980
Ngrok, I actually love you. You make my life infinitely easier.@jtorraca
Man, ngrok is probably the coolest software I’ve seen in the past 6 months@jimbojsb très bon outil pour exposer localhost sur internet, avec inspection de toutes les requêtes qui arrivent sur votre app@antoined
I'm impressed with for tunneling HTTP and TCP through firewalls with introspection. Great work @inconshreveable!@mc
Wow, ngrok is so useful!@batok
Love finding a tool that opens up possibilities I'd thought impossible. Web developers check out
#ngrok is probably the most useful tool I've used this year: @nbrempel
Needed to expose my website externally to test on a blackberry. Found #ngrok and was literally up and running in a minute.@dchipping
ngrok is so useful for opening a tunnel to a port on localhost for service testing tunnel+traffic analysis+replay@johnnyrodgersis The best thing ever. Not even exaggerating.@xhezairia is wonderful and magical and I love it :D@TheJokersThief
NGROK FTW!@tomasdev
ngrok is one of those tools that is easy and just works. I don't want to to set up IaaS for demos, and now I don't have to.@kindasimple
Damnit @ngrok makes my life so easy@BrandonMathis
Holy smokes, ngrok is amazing!@christiannaths
Just discovered ngrok - what a cool service. Port your localhost to the web dang easy.@nickmealey
I discovered ngrok by @inconshreveable yesterday - wow. Such a simple installation & interface, and all the right options.@malgorithms
I would not know how to work without , no need for difficult deploy new projects, my computer is already running 24/7@kevinsimper
Just used ngrok for the first time to show off a new GopherCon web layout. Wow, that's awesome.@bketelsen
If you haven't tried out using ngrok its an amazing time saver. Forward local port to a temp. public address@CalebSmithNC
I don’t know how you write anything involving webhooks without ngrok.@brentdax
Fell in love with ngrok at first sight@kuizinas
I have literally no idea how I solved many of these problems before I used ngrok@lornajane
#ngrok is simply awesome, tunneling like a boss@kaptenupi
OMG life changer
Testing LOCAL dev site in a VM against REMOTE staging server with hosted #siteeffect env by tunneling through #ngrok. … I mean… WOW@timmjansen
Ngrok is the only tool I’ve used that just works. Srsly, from install to usage, it is solid and well-designed.@joefiorini
@CarterRabasa was using ngrok in a demo. What is ngrok? It is pure, unadulterated awesome!@YiddishNinja
The unicorn has a name: ngrok. Thank you soooo much, @inconshreveable@xcambar
@inconshreveable loving #ngrok and happy to pay for such a great service.@yonkeltron
i enjoy paying for services that solve a real need. thanks @inconshreveable for ngrok@jeffwalstrom