Case Study

Copado extends the reach of their CI/CD platform without VPN friction

Months saved
on setting up connections to customers' networks
Eliminated complex and unreliable VPN requirements
success of important enterprise customers

Copado, provider of the leading DevOps and testing solution for Salesforce and other SaaS applications, needed a way to quickly and safely automate remote connectivity between its CI/CD platform and customer code residing on on-premise systems. The Chicago-based company, with more than 1,000 customers such as Coca-Cola, Shell and Boston Scientific, found the ideal solution with ngrok.


With traditional site-to-site VPNs, it would take weeks or even months to securely connect our platform to our customers’ networks. ngrok delivers connectivity in a modern way and in line with our best practices, reducing integration time to days and accelerating our customers’ success.

Austin Cottrell
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Copado

Reducing integration time from months to days

Copado faced a challenge in serving customers that house code for Salesforce and other apps on their own on-premise systems. Providing VPNs or other networking mechanisms for customers to deploy code on Copado’s CI/CD platform could take weeks or months of effort, require costly maintenance and be prone to breakage.

With ngrok, Copado has eliminated the pain of integrating customer repositories with its DevOps environment. ngrok equips Copado to set up secure remote connectivity in a matter of days, and deliver reliable and frictionless access that builds customer satisfaction and success.

“ngrok helps Copado with time to value,” says Austin Cottrell, cloud infrastructure engineer at Copado. “Establishing remote connectivity with our customer's environments is fast and safe, giving our customers confidence in our solution. Being able to stand up and secure remote connections via REST APIs is amazing!”

Meeting critical needs of enterprise customers at scale

Using ngrok tunneling to avoid network infrastructure cost and complexity, Copado can focus on innovating its core CI/CD DevOps and automation technology. It's meeting critical needs for customers with code living on on-premise systems — many of them large enterprises strategically important to Copado’s continued growth and leadership.

Finding that ngrok meets its high standards for quality, scalability and automation, Copado has embedded ngrok as a core part of its platform. It’s able to handle complex remote connectivity use cases at scale to help customers maximize ROI by automating the end-to-end software delivery process.

Key Results

Avoided weeks or months of remote connectivity infrastructure setup
Eliminated need for complex and unreliable VPN connections
Provides customers with secure and frictionless connectivity
Accelerates success of important enterprise customers
Frees resources to focus on continued CI/CD DevOps innovation

As a leader in DevOps and automation, Copado has a high bar for the solutions we choose. ngrok is built with DevOps in mind, and continues to wow us with great APIs and automation capabilities.

Austin Cottrell
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Copado

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