ngrok August Update: webhooks, community & trust portal

August 18, 2022
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Frederico Hakamine

After our huge release in April of new capabilities like OAuth, Load Balancing, and automated TLS cert management, we dug deeper on all fronts to make things simpler, better, and faster. Here are our highlights:

Webhook Verification at the Edge

Webhook Verification authenticates that requests to your upstream application are correctly signed for your app at the ngrok edge and drops unauthorized traffic before it reaches your service.

webhook verification in ngrok

We’ve greatly expanded our supported providers for webhook verification. We now support over 50 providers. New additions include Microsoft Teams, Docusign, Heroku, Hubspot, Mailchimp, PagerDuty, Zendesk, and Zoom.

Learn More > is Live is your resource page for learning best practices in building and consuming webhooks. While building webhook verification, we explored nearly 100 different approaches and collected the lessons learned - both good and bad - into a single place for the community.

This is a community effort so if we missed your favorite webhook provider, file a pull request to let us know!

Learn More >

ngrok community slack

We launched the ngrok community slack to bring developers together to see, share, and explore what they're doing with ngrok. It's your place to learn and lend each other a hand, show off projects, and generally see what’s happening in and around the ecosystem.

join here >>

ngrok completed our SOC 2 Type 2

We're excited to announce that we completed our SOC 2 Type 2 testing with no findings. In short, that means we write and follow policies that protect the security of our systems and customer data. If you or your team need our report or any other compliance documents, check out our new security and trust portal.

Visit the Security and Trust Portal or Learn Mmore >

Upcoming events

Demo Webinar with Live Q&A: Join us each Thursday starting August 18th for a demo and Q&A time to see ngrok in action. This is the place to ask questions to our core team. Join Us >>

Other product improvements

1. New Java and Scala API Client Libraries: Manage ngrok programmatically with updated versions of the ngrok Java (Github / Maven Central) and Scala (Github / Maven Central) SDKs.

2. Abuse Mitigation: You may have seen the scary red “dangerous site” screen in Chrome. That came from bad actors misusing and abusing ngrok. In the last few quarters, we’ve improved our mitigation, detection, reporting, and response capabilities to eliminate most abuse. There is still more to do but our goal is to be rid of that “dangerous site” warning. Learn More >

3. Billing Protection: Now you can control your ngrok bill to stay within your license or allow overages. Just visit your Subscription page and change your preference in seconds. Your Billing Page >

4. ngrok Agent Updates:

  • Updated the latency display to be more human readable.
  • The command ngrok config edit now allows you to edit an invalid configuration file.
  • Fixed issues with replay not displaying requests in the ngrok Agent UI, console UI, or API.
  • Added the --region flag to ngrok diagnose command to evaluate specific regions.

Learn More >

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