Introducing new domains for the ngrok global network

March 11, 2024
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Nijiko Yonskai

We’re excited to announce the release of two additional ngrok Global Network domains, and is available for free users, and is exclusive to paying customers.

The addition of the two new domains enables users to establish connections via browsers using HTTP or HTTPS. This is possible because neither TLD (.pizza and .pro) is included in the HSTS preload list. Therefore, browsers will not automatically redirect to HTTPS connections.

Existing ngrok Global Network domains,,,, and, must be accessed over HTTPS when using all major browsers. As mentioned previously, this is because existing Global Network TLDs (.dev and .app) are part of the HSTS preload list built into every major browser, which browsers automatically enforce HTTPS-secured connections.

Accounts using Agent v2

For accounts using agent v2, the ngrok agent will establish both HTTP and HTTPS endpoints by default. If you have chosen one of the new TLDs for your domain, you will be able to connect to your service or application using HTTP whether via a browser or non-browser client such as curl.

Accounts using Agent v3

For accounts using agent v3, the ngrok agent is set to establish only an HTTPS endpoint by default. To establish an HTTP endpoint, you must use the --scheme http flag. Once configured when using one of the new TLDs for your domain, you will be able to access your service or application over HTTP through a browser or non-browser client such as curl.


Listen on both HTTP and HTTPs:

ngrok http 8080 --scheme http,https --domain

Listen only on HTTP:

ngrok http 8080 --scheme http --domain

Try out these new domains

Try the new domains and send us your feedback! You can sign up here and get started with ngrok. Connect with us on Twitter, the ngrok community on Slack, or contact us at

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Nijiko Yonskai
Niji is a Senior Product Manager at ngrok helping shape ngrok user experience. Previously product at Kong and Postman. Outside of work Niji is an amateur pasta chef, early-stage investor, writer and open-source developer.
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