February 15, 2022
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Everything you can tunnel with ngrok

Frederico Hakamine

In our own development and projects, we started listing everything you can tunnel with ngrok and we were impressed with the list. When we put the same question out to customers, we were overwhelmed with the response.

We're steadily reaching the point of wondering "What can't you tunnel with ngrok?"

Regardless, to answer the first question, we've started listing services and use-cases you can add tunnel access with ngrok, along with their one line command-line examples.

If you know of any other examples that belong here, ping us, and We will add them to the list (with the appropriate credits):

HTTP/Web Servers

Web server:

ngrok http 80

Web server (HTTPS):

ngrok http 443

Servers and File Stores

Databases & Management Consoles


ngrok tcp 5432

MySQL, MariaDB:

ngrok tcp 3389


ngrok tcp 80


ngrok tcp 6379


ngrok tcp 1521


ngrok http 27017

MongoDB Admin:

ngrok http 28017

Files, Folders, and File Servers

File/Folder (in Windows):

ngrok http "file:///C:temp"

File/Folder (in Linux/Unix/Mac):

ngrok http "file:////usr/temp"

SMB Server:

ngrok tcp 445

WebDav Server:

ngrok http 443

FTP Server:

ngrok tcp 21

SFTP Server:

ngrok tcp 22

LDAP and Directory Servers

LDAP Server (i.e. OpenLDAP, SunOne):

ngrok tcp 389
ngrok tcp 636

Active Directory:

ngrok tcp 636
ngrok tcp 389

LDAP Server (Oracle):

ngrok tcp 3060
ngrok tcp 3131

Oracle Directory Services Manager:

ngrok http 7005

Development Languages and Frameworks

Spring/SpringBoot (and JHipster):

ngrok http 8080
ngrok http 8443

Python Flask:

ngrok http 5000

NodeJS (and ExpressJS, NestJS, NextJS, NuxtJS...):

ngrok http 3000

.NET Core:

ngrok http 5000
ngrok http 5001

Ruby on Rails:

ngrok http 3000


ngrok http 80

Application Servers

Weblogic Server (admin - http):

ngrok http 7001

Weblogic Server (managed server):

ngrok http 8001

Weblogic Server (node manager):

ngrok tcp 5556

Weblogic Server (t3 connections):

ngrok tcp 7001

WebSphere Server (admin):

ngrok http 9060

WebSphere Server (defaulthost):

ngrok http 9080

WebSphere Server (defaulthost https):

ngrok http 9443

Tomcat, Jetty, Netty, JBoss Servers:

ngrok http 8080

Email Servers


ngrok tcp 25
ngrok tcp 465


ngrok tcp 110
ngrok tcp 995


ngrok tcp 143
ngrok tcp 993

Outlook Web Access Server:

ngrok tcp 80
ngrok tcp 443

Containers and Hypervisors

If you know of any other examples that belong here, ping us, and We will add them to the list (with the appropriate credits):

Docker daemon:

ngrok tcp 2375
ngrok tcp 2376

Kubernetes API:

ngrok http 6443

Kubernetes (etcd API):

ngrok http 2379
ngrok tcp 2380

Kubelet API:

ngrok http 10250

VMWare vCenter REST APIs:

ngrok http 443

Nutanix REST APIs:

ngrok http 9440

Cool, but how do I get ngrok?

If you're not a ngrok user yet, just download and sign-up for free. From there, follow our instructions to get up and running in minutes.

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