Announcing the ngrok Partnership Program 🤝

September 21, 2022
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Claire Shaw

Today, we’re delighted to announce the launch of ngrok’s partnership program. No one builds great applications in a vacuum. There are systems, APIs, and components that work together so we can accomplish our work. Towards that end, we’re making it as easy as possible to get innovative apps up and running – at scale and in production – with ngrok and every other software tool.

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To show the beginnings of this effort, we’re excited to launch our first set of new partner integration pages and developer documentation guides to speed integrating webhooks with CI/CD tools, securing applications with OAuth 2.0, or developing third-party marketplace apps (and more!). We look forward to working with even more partners as we publish technical resources to build upon and with the best developer communities on the web.

Why launch the ngrok partnership program now?

With the launch of the next generation of ngrok, developers can programmatically add enterprise-grade connectivity, security, and observability to their apps with zero code changes. And now it’s easier than ever before to take advantage of the benefits ngrok brings to solutions that support customer engagement solutions, like Zoom's Developer Platform:

As a PM responsible for the Developer Platform at Zoom, I thrive to enable developers, platform integrators, service providers, and customers to easily build apps and integrations that use Zoom’s communications solutions. Our partnership with ngrok makes this possible while also making Zoom App developers more productive with ngrok functionalities like inspect and replay.

— Evgeny Balashov, Product Manager, Zoom Developer Platform

We know how important it is to ensure that applications built with ngrok are secure from development to production. That’s why we’re thrilled to work with partners like Curity, who are dedicated to protecting user access:

"Enterprise grade security is paramount to Curity customers. The Curity Identity Server provides access to data and APIs for users to secure their digital services, and we highly recommend that developers use ngrok as a reverse proxy for local configuration. Using Curity and ngrok together, developers can reliably build solutions with the high performance, flexibility, and configurability they need to operate in production.

— Stefan Nilsson, Chief Commercial Officer, Curity

Success for our developer community means building seamless interoperability with the best-in-class developer tools they already use. We’re honored to join forces with other top software platforms to empower our developer ecosystem. Stay tuned as we expand our resource library to include even more documentation, videos, and case studies in the future.

Get started today by learning how to:

Interested in joining our mission to simplify the internet? Apply to the ngrok Partnership Program and we'll be in touch!

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Claire Shaw
Claire Shaw manages partnerships at ngrok to make it easy for developers to build great apps with ngrok and any resource under the sun. Previously, she drove Twilio’s business development efforts in San Francisco and Singapore and managed political campaigns in Alaska.