March 12, 2024
min read tames the dependency beast in AI development with ngrok

Karthik Krishnaswamy

The world of AI development is a fast-paced and exciting one, but it's not without its challenges. One of the biggest hurdles for developers and data scientists, especially those coming from non-traditional software engineering backgrounds, is managing dependencies in the runtime environment.

Enter, a startup tackling this head-on with an AI-powered software dependency manager. They're not just building a tool, they're building a community. Their secret weapon for development and deployment? ngrok.

The dependency hydra

Dependencies can be a nightmare. Imagine needing a specific version of PyTorch, only to have it break when deployed because it doesn't match the NVIDIA CUDA drivers. This is just one example of the many dependency issues that plague AI development, slowing down progress and frustrating developers.

Meet Frictionless dependency management automates software dependency management aiming to simplify and streamline AI development. Think of it as a guardian, automatically managing dependencies and ensuring compatibility between your code and the underlying infrastructure. Their GitHub integration monitors repository events and automatically generates Docker containers, making it easy for scientists and data analysts to deploy their work without needing extensive software (DevOps) engineering knowledge.

But the magic doesn't stop there. also provides valuable insights into your dependencies, like updating the software bill of materials (SBOM) for each new commit of a repository, enabling users to easily keep track of the provenance of their dependencies.  

ngrok: The secret weapon that equips to ship faster

Building an innovative platform like requires agility and simplicity. This is where ngrok comes in. With just one command, Wilder Lopes, founder of, has been able to bring secure connectivity to his localhost equipping him to quickly QA his application. And when he moved his app to the production environment hosted in the cloud, he was again able to bring it online with just one command. ngrok simplifies and speeds up the transition from testing to production, eliminating the need for complex networking and firewall setup. It's a perfect fit for's small, agile team focused on rapid development.

Looking forward is still in its early stages, but they're already making waves. They've released their first open-source tool, "miniogre," which containerizes Python applications instantly boosting developer productivity, and they're planning an enterprise tier to address data privacy and sovereignty concerns. They are also planning to integrate ngrok into miniogre so developers can instantly deliver their apps to production so it’s accessible to everyone. and ngrok are a powerful combination, making AI development smoother and more accessible. We are excited about the possibilities of collaborating with to further their mission of empowering developers to build groundbreaking AI solutions.

You can sign up today and get started with ngrok. Check out these other posts on the ngrok blog to learn how ngrok unlocks the power of AI:

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