ngrok’s Ingress Controller now available in digital marketplaces

January 9, 2024
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Mandy Hubbard

We are excited to share that the ngrok Ingress Controller for Kubernetes is now available in the DigitalOcean, VMWare Tanzu, and Civo digital marketplaces. The ngrok Ingress Controller for Kubernetes provides ingress-as-a-service to your Kubernetes applications by offloading traffic management, performance, and security to ngrok’s global Points of Presence (PoPs). We’ve partnered with Kubernetes service providers to create an optimized experience for our customers.

ngrok Ingress Controller for Kubernetes listing in the VMWare Marketplace

Digital marketplaces help connect organizations with the SaaS solutions they need to operate their businesses and often provide a centralized platform for managing and deploying solutions. Users who install a software component via a digital marketplace can take advantage of the many benefits it has to offer, such as:

Ease of use

Digital marketplaces provide a one-stop shop for managing and deploying Kubernetes Ingress Controllers. This streamlines the installation, configuration, and update of the Ingress Controller, making it more convenient for users.

They usually offer easy-to-use interfaces or command-line tools for deploying Kubernetes Ingress Controllers. This simplifies the deployment process, especially for users who may not be Kubernetes experts. For example, there’s a one-click install button in DigitalOcean’s marketplace that performs the deployment for you. 

ngrok Ingress Controller for Kubernetes listing in the DigitalOcean Marketplace has a 1-click install button

Digital marketplaces typically provide version control for software components. Users can easily check for updates, review release notes, and perform controlled upgrades of the Ingress Controller to benefit from the latest features, bug fixes, and security patches.

Vendor-specific support

Installing an Ingress Controller directly from the vendor managing the infrastructure where it will run provides seamless integration with other tools and services within the same marketplace ecosystem, which can simplify the setup of related components and enhance compatibility.

Many marketplaces include associated community forums or support channels where users can seek help, share experiences, and collaborate on problem-solving. This community support can be valuable for users encountering issues or seeking best practices, especially when they are new to Kubernetes.

The marketplace hosts documentation, tutorials, and resources for our Ingress Controller, including vendor-specific information that may be useful in validating your deployment. This wealth of information can aid users in understanding how to configure, optimize, and troubleshoot the Ingress Controller effectively. For example, the DigitalOcean marketplace listing includes guidance on how to verify the deployment and configure the Ingress Controller.

ngrok Ingress Controller for Kubernetes in the DigitalOcean Marketplace includes post-deployent steps

Some digital marketplaces offer vendor-specific enhancements or features in their Ingress Controllers. These features could provide additional value, such as enhanced analytics, monitoring, or integrations with other services.

Enhanced security and testing

Ingress controllers available in digital marketplaces typically undergo security reviews and adhere to certain compliance standards. This can provide users with confidence in the security of the ingress controller and help meet regulatory requirements. 

The ingress controller also undergoes rigorous testing for compatibility with the ecosystem before the marketplace vendor certifies it. We designed the ngrok Ingress Controller for Kubernetes to be completely vendor-agnostic, yet we recognize that a certification from the vendor provides our customers with peace of mind.  

ngrok Ingress Controller for Kubernetes is certified in the VMWare Tanzu Marketplace

What’s unique about ngrok Ingress Controller for Kubernetes? 

The ngrok Ingress Controller for Kubernetes provides ingress-as-a-service, which equips you to serve apps and APIs without needing to configure networking details such as ELBs, TLS certificates, network interfaces, or VPC routing—radically simplifying ingress into Kubernetes. 

Because it leverages native Kubernetes tooling, you can configure the route, host, and downstream service via the standard Kubernetes ingress object, and you can deploy it to your cluster with a Helm chart or by using a marketplace install button. 

Once deployed to your cluster, the ingress controller monitors ingress objects and connects to ngrok’s cloud service. You can easily integrate our ingress-as-a-service into your existing tech stack without friction. 

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced complexity: ngrok allows you to consolidate multiple point tools for traffic management, DNS, certificate management, and security into one easy-to-consume service 
  • Improved performance: ngrok’s built-in global server load balancer (GSLB) automatically routes client traffic to the PoP with the lowest latency
  • Enhanced security: Authentication and authorization are enforced at the ngrok edge, preventing unauthorized traffic from ever reaching your cluster
  • Works anywhere: With ngrok, you achieve platform flexibility and portability by maintaining a single Kubernetes manifest that runs identically on EKS, GKE, OpenShift, K3s, or Minikube, eliminating the need for maintaining bespoke environment-specific configurations

Get started with marketplaces

Check out our latest marketplace listings to get started using ngrok’s Ingress Controller for Kubernetes.

VMWare Tanzu provides an enterprise-ready solution that unifies the management of your infrastructure across Kubernetes clusters, vSphere-optimized pods, containerized workloads, and VMWare virtual machines.

DigitalOcean provides an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform for developers, including DigitalOcean Kubernetes (DOKS). DigitalOcean caters to developers with easy-to-use interfaces and a vast knowledge base. They offer a 1-click install of ngrok’s Ingress Controller for Kubernetes.

Civo offers a managed Kubernetes solution built for speed and simplicity. Powered by a custom-built CivoStack platform, they promise significant cost savings over other public cloud providers. They offer an automated installation of ngrok’s Ingress Controller for Kubernetes. 

ngrok continues to partner with managed Kubernetes providers to create a seamless experience with our Ingress Controller to securely deliver your apps and APIs. In which marketplace would you like to see the ngrok Ingress Controller for Kubernetes? Connect with us on Twitter, the ngrok community on Slack, or contact us at and let us know!

You can sign up today and get started with ngrok. Explore our pricing here, and refer to our documentation for insights into how pricing works. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out.   

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