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In addition to the latest product additions we built in-house (like our new Go library and global network domains), we’re continuously adding integrations that make it easy to use ngrok with the tools you already know and love. We work with best-in-class partners to make the developer experience seamless and more secure than ever. Recently, we utilized those collaborations to produce a number of new offerings that we’re excited to share below. Low on time? Here’s the tl;dr:

OAuth Providers and Webhook Verification

Earlier this month, we added OAuth and webhook verification to our free plan. Now, any ngrok user can integrate up to 5 users a month with one of our OAuth providers - Amazon, Facebook, GitHub, GitLab, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitch -  to secure their web applications instantly. Similarly, webhook verification was also a feature previously only available to users on one of our paid plans. But we want to be your one stop shop for all things webhooks (check out for a directory of providers, best practices, and more) and keeping verification behind a paywall didn’t make sense. Welcome to webhook freedom! Developers on every plan can secure up to 500 requests from platforms like Slack, Stripe, Twilio, and over 60 others with a single command.

ngrok: webhook verification in one line

Not sure how to get started with webhook verification? We’ve made improvements there too. We have step-by-step integration guides for nearly every one of our webhook verification and OAuth partners so you don’t get lost along the way to securing your web app.

1Password ngrok Shell Plugin

We’re thrilled to join some of our fellow ngrok partners in now offering a 1Password Shell Plugin to securely authenticate third-party CLIs. Together, you get the speed and simplicity of ngrok protected by the power of 1Password’s vault to securely authenticate the ngrok CLI with your fingerprint, Apple Watch, or system authentication. Users can now store credentials in exactly one place, share credentials between environments securely, and switch between credentials as necessary to test with different ngrok configurations, feature sets, or even accounts.

1Passwork ngrok shell plugin in action

New SAML/OIDC partners

We’ve got more options than ever to manage user authentication with OpenID Connect (OIDC) and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) integrations. And step-by-step guides with the partners below to show you how easy it is to bring your own identity provider and secure ingress to your application without having to deploy to a publicly accessible server:  

Using OIDC/SAML with ngrok can simplify development workflows, improve security, and increase confidence in the strength of your application's authentication.

Using FusionAuth with ngrok

What’s next for partnerships at ngrok?

We’ve got even more cooking in the ngrok kitchen of integrations (and resources to take advantage of those integrations). Are we missing something that would make your job easier? Let us know! Want to partner with us to build something great for our mutual developer community? We want to hear from you.

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Claire Shaw
Claire Shaw manages partnerships at ngrok to make it easy for developers to build great apps with ngrok and any resource under the sun. Previously, she drove Twilio’s business development efforts in San Francisco and Singapore and managed political campaigns in Alaska.
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