Unified Ingress Platform 
for developers

ngrok combines your reverse proxy, firewall, API gateway, and global load balancing to deliver apps and APIs.
Connect localhost to the internet for testing applications and APIs
Bring secure connectivity to apps and APIs in localhost and dev/test environments with just one command or function call.
  • Webhook testing
  • Developer Previews
  • Mobile backend testing
let listener = ngrok::Session::builder()
Access customer and partner networks
Connect to external networks in a consistent, secure, and repeatable manner without requiring any changes to network configurations.
  • Connect to customer networks
  • Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) Connectivity
  • IoT Connectivity
  • Point-of-sale Connectivity
ngrok tcp 3306 --cidr-allow
Deliver applications and APIs in production
Reduce complexity of application and API delivery by combining global server load balancing, reverse proxy, firewall, API Gateway into a unified service.
  • GSLB
  • Load Balancer
  • API Gateway
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Firewall
  • Kubernetes Ingress Controller
# Configure the ngrok provider
provider "ngrok" {
 api_key = "{API_KEY}"

# Provision an ngrok domain
resource "ngrok_reserved_domain" "my_domain" {
 name   = "my-domain.example.com"
 region = "us"
 certificate_management_policy {
   authority        = "letsencrypt"
   private_key_type = "ecdsa"

The ngrok difference

Ingress-as-a-service powered by Global Network
Unlock the power of SaaS to deliver high performance applications and APIs with zero networking configuration and zero hardware.
Ingress that fits your tech stack
Script and explore with a built-in CLI. Embed secure ingress directly into your apps with SDK. All functionality available via API.
Run your services anywhere
Deliver applications from any cloud, any application platform, an on-prem datacenter, a Raspberry Pi in your home, or even from your laptop. Achieve environment independence and portability.

Trusted and secure platform with massive scale

5 million
devs use ngrok
80% of the
Cloud 100
companies use ngrok
100 trillion
total requests served
Over 1600
AI innovators
deliver AI/ML apps with ngrok
Working with ngrok means working with a vetted, secure solution.
View security practices
With ngrok, we get comprehensive security with a full scope of functionality for all of our use cases.
Ihor Leshko
Director of Engineering

Industry leaders rely on ngrok

The ngrok platform

Automatic certificates and an A+ SSL report card with no config.
Instant domains
Use a ngrok domain with no setup or bring your own domain.
Protect services with OAuth, SAML, and OIDC.
Load balancing
Route traffic to multiple backends for scale and fault tolerance.
Global Network
Deliver fast and reliable services powered by our Points of Presence.
Log all traffic and account activity.
Any protocol
Native support for HTTP, TLS, and any TCP based protocol.
Zero Trust
Add SSO, Mutual TLS, 
IP Policy, and webhook signature verification.

Enterprise ready

Enforce policy and controls to ensure compliance.
Dashboard SSO
Manage user access through your identity provider.
Audit Trails
Track user activity and traffic flow with ngrok’s events.
Provision right level of access to ngrok account and services with RBAC.
Enforce policy through a centrally-managed, IT-controlled ngrok account.
Uptime and support SLAs for applications that need them.
Zero-knowledge TLS
Use TLS tunnels to keep traffic encrypted as it passes through ngrok.