Kubernetes Ingress

Kubernetes Ingress meets Global Delivery Network

ngrok’s Kubernetes Ingress works differently than the anything else out there. It’s more than just a basic traffic router - it offloads traffic management, performance and security to our global network. This means you get true environment independence and built-in security, performance, high availability and more - all with the exact same native Ingress and Gateway API objects that you’re already familiar with.

How it works

ngrok offers a Kubernetes Operator to manage traffic to your Kubernetes clusters
  1. No networking know-how required
  2. Focus on Your Code, Not the Network
  3. You shouldn’t have to become a networking expert to set up ingress for your k8s cluster. Unlike other controllers, when you use ngrok you don’t need to configure any low-level networking primitives like DNS, IPs, VPC routing, egress gateways and network interfaces. Just helm install the ngrok k8s operator and you're online.
  1. One manifest for any distribution, any platform, any environment
  2. True Environment Independence
  3. Eliminate toil by maintaining a single Kubernetes manifest that runs identically on EKS, GKE, OpenShift, K3s, or Minikube, at the edge, development and production environments. No need to maintain environment-specific manifests.
  1. Type-safe CRD config, no more error-prone annotation strings
  2. Modernize configuration
  3. ngrok Kubernetes Operator’s modern, type-safe CRD configuration offers a more structured approach enabling frictionless portability across environments. No need to struggle with string annotations.
  1. Gateway API ready
  2. Frictionless transition to Gateway API
  3. In addition to support for Ingress objects, ngrok already supports its successor, the Gateway API that is role-oriented and expressive. We’re ready for you when you’re ready to migrate and we’re here to make the switch effortless.

ngrok Kubernetes Ingress Controller

ngrok Kubernetes Gateway API

Developer Roundtable: Gateway API

In this episode of our Developer Roundtable series, we highlight our updated ngrok Kubernetes Operator that now supports the Kubernetes Gateway API spec.

Batteries included

Typically, you need to stitch together many different solutions and tools such as API gateway, Kubernetes Ingress, DDoS protection to securely deliver your apps and APIs. With ngrok, you get all of that more out of the box:
Typically, you need to stitch together many different solutions and tools or write custom code to handle performance, security, observability, and availability requirements. With ngrok, you get all of that and more out of the box:
Certificate Management

No need to install and manage cert-manager, as certificates are automatically provisioned and managed by ngrok.

API Gateway

Deliver your APIs hosted outside Kubernetes with just one command or one function call. Configure policies such as JWT authentication, rate limiting, and other configs the same way as Kubernetes ingress, with our flexible, idiomatic JSON and CEL-based traffic policy engine making migrating to Kubernetes a breeze.


Troubleshoot issues in real-time by getting visibility into traffic flows and other events right the dashboard. Or forward traffic logs to your favorite observability tool and audit logs of configuration changes to your SIEM.

Global Load Balancing

Minimize latency for your apps and APIs by relying on ngrok’s intelligent routing that steers traffic to the nearest Point of Presence (PoP). Ensure high availability for your services with geo-aware load balancing and failover.

Global Acceleration

Your customers will enjoy a speed boost as ngrok executes traffic policies that you configure to its global network. So authentication, transformations, load balancing, and more happen as close to your customers as possible.

DDoS Protection

ngrok cloud enforces authentication and authorization, preventing unauthorized traffic from ever reaching your cluster and rogue webhooks from looping and spamming your service.

Learn about Kubernetes Ingress in 6 minutes
Here’s a quick demo of our Kubernetes Ingress capabilities.

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