Ingress for external environments: customer’s developer environments

ngrok brings secure ingress for dev/test environments equipping developers to effortlessly test and preview applications and APIs.


Connecting to customer developer systems is a challenge

Frictionless connectivity is critical for SaaS marketplace offerings where developers can publish their applications or a SaaS solution that needs to integrate into developer environments. Unfortunately, developers face significant hurdles in establishing network access to these platforms. This typically involves complex routing and firewall configurations, forcing them to constantly keep switching context between their development environment and setting up and maintaining connectivity with the platform, impacting productivity.


Embed connectivity into software deployed on developer machines

Embed secure ingress into your agent, CLI, or SDK so end user developers can connect to your platform instantly with just one command.

  • No need to spend cycles changing network configurations on firewalls, proxies, and gateways
  • White label ngrok for consistent look and feel
  • No more context switching for your developer customers

Improve developer experience

Remove friction from value discovery

Free end user developers from having to navigate complex networking and firewall configurations so they can see quickly realize benefits of your platform.

Accelerate innovation

Equip developers to quickly build prototypes and develop new integrations with your platform by delivering a frictionless developer experience.

Increase stickiness

Embed your product directly in developers’ workflow, so they never need to switch screens or products to continue building on your platform.

Robust security and controls

Authenticate and authorize 

Use your preferred Identity provider such as Okta, Azure AD, or G Suite for access to your services or applications built by developers.

Enforce policy

Apply policies such as mTLS, IP restrictions, and OAuth/SAML/OIDC to your services.

Monitor traffic

Block unauthorized requests even before they reach your service, and monitor events in your SIEM or observability tool by forwarding logs and traffic flow.
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