Use cases

ngrok unlocks a variety of use cases for delivering your apps and APIs. ngrok brings secure ingress instantly to:

  • Applications and APIs in test/dev environments supercharging developer productivity
  • External networks accelerating customer deployments and device management
  • Applications and APIs in production accelerating time to market

ngrok for production

Serve your apps and APIs globally without any friction whether they are running in the cloud, on-premises, or even in customer and partner networks.

Site to site connectivity
Never ask customers to open ports on the firewall. Access apps and APIs securely in your customers’ environments without site-to-site VPNs, VPC peering or other complex networking.
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API Gateway
Go from code to global in just minutes with a developer-friendly, idiomatic solution for managing traffic to your APIs.
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Device Gateway
Standardize connectivity across your fleet of IoT devices running in external networks. No need to struggle with custom protocols.
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Kubernetes Ingress
Simplify ingress with the Kubernetes Operator, using Ingress Controller or Gateway API, by offloading traffic management and security to ngrok’s global network.
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Global Load Balancer
Ensure high performance and availability by routing traffic to the nearest Point of Presence (PoP) with preconfigured global load balancer.
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Identity-Aware Proxy
Protect your applications and APIs from unauthorized access without writing extra code.
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ngrok for development

Bring secure connectivity to apps and APIs in localhost and dev/test environments with just one command or function call.

Webhook Testing
Get a secure public URL for your local web server, then trigger webhooks. Inspect the traffic to your server and replay webhook requests to iterate quickly while staying in context.
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Developer Preview
Demo a website or an app running on your local machine to a client or stakeholder instantly and securely, without deploying to a staging environment.
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Industry leaders rely on ngrok

ngrok is built with DevOps in mind, and continues to wow us with great APIs and automation capabilities.
Austin Cottrell
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer