Zero trust access

Secure access to remote systems in minutes

Enable remote access for any user integrated to your identity and security stack – no VPNs or change in code required.

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Enable remote access for any user

Remote access in seconds

Add remote access to any system in seconds, with zero network and VPN friction.

Works on any network

ngrok works on any network or location with internet access, including multi-cloud, on-prem, and remote environments.

No changes in apps or clients required

ngrok adds remote access and security controls without requiring changes in source code or desktop agents to work.

…with Zero Trust controls

Native identity integration

Restrict access using your SSO and MFA provider — like Okta, Azure AD, and G Suite.

Least privilege on every request

Enforce least privilege on every web request with URL-based authorization rules.

Complete network and encryption policies

Enforce Mutual TLS, IP restrictions, and encryption policies at the edge; block unauthorized requests before they even reach your systems.

event monitoring

Monitor ngrok traffic in real time with your SIEM and observability solution.


Up to 90%
reduction in infrastructure footprint

ngrok doesn't require load balancers, client agents, middleware, and database servers to operate.

Up to 70%
cost savings

with infrastructure footprint and maintenance.

with your
Security stack

ngrok integrates with your Identity and Security Monitoring solutions for authentication and observability.

Works for
any user
(no agents required)

ngrok does not require a desktop agent, enabling access for employees, partners, and customers regardless of device.

Today our engineers spend less time troubleshooting proxy issues and more time building. ngrok allows our team to focus on delivering what matters for our customers by providing robust but simple identity integration that makes access management safer and easy to maintain.

Ted Chou
Product Manager, HENNGE Connect
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