IOT Connectivity

Connect remote IoT systems in one line of code

Manage connected devices at scale, with the same safe, scalable developer platform your team loves. All with ngrok’s Device Gateway.

different IoT systems connecting to ngrok
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Connect to devices and IoT systems in remote locations

Ship remote connection to every device with one line of code

Distribute ngrok with your systems to get instant connections to remote locations. Pricing is usage-based, so we're there when you need us, but not when you don't.

which iot systems and embed ngrok: industrial systems, machines, point of sales systems, etc.
before ngrok, you need to configure all network components. after ngrok, you connect directly to your software without friction

Zero network friction

Connect to your remote systems with a simple internet connection; no time wasted on inbound ports or VPNs.

Manage systems regardless of their location or yours

Monitor, stop, restart, and update ngrok agents and IoT connections remotely via web, CLI, APIs, and native SDKs.

…with enterprise-grade security

Earn your customers' trust

Increase your customers’ trust with multiple layers of confidentiality, reliability, and observability controls.

Unified policies across the entire fleet

The ngrok edge allows you to define a single security policy for your entire fleet, providing security consistency and eliminating manual onboarding and security tasks.

You don't have to worry about unpredictable environments

ngrok works with native OS services to restart tunnels after machine crashes and automatically recovers from network outages, changes in IP, and in ISPs.

Keep data confidential

Ensure no one – not even ngrok – can see your communications with end-to-end encryption



Requires only one endpoint per device for everything: visibility, troubleshooting, and API access.


ngrok has no hardware requirements and works with any platform


Unlimited devices. Pay for what you use, only when you use it.

With traditional site-2-site VPNs, it would take us weeks or even months to securely connect our platform to our customers’ networks. ngrok delivers connectivity in a modern way and in line with our best practices, reducing the integration time to days, and accelerating our customer success.

Austin Cottrell
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Copado
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