Empower your eng teams with developer-defined API gateways

The road to API production is often fraught with friction and delays. Developers face an arduous journey, stuck filing tickets and wrangling with security and operations teams. This can drag on for weeks, costing businesses through missed launch opportunities and downtime due to misconfigured gateways.

Deploying and managing hundreds or even thousands of global API gateways is an arduous task. Even in test/dev and continuous integration (CI) environments, developers often struggle to deploy, manage and drive traffic to their API gateways. The complexities of managing IPs, DNS and firewall configurations act as formidable barriers. This leads to undetected issues and deployment risks in production.

A paradigm shift is needed: One that puts developers in control of API gateways and that can be easily programmatically configured and scaled globally from test to production. Streamlined operations, unlocked agility and accelerated time-to-market await those who embrace this model. Join this Techstrong Learning Experience to learn how you can equip your developers to effortlessly establish secure connectivity across test/dev and production environments with ease.

This session will explore:

  • The state of API gateways and their challenges
  • Benefits of developer-defined API gateways
  • Best practices for managing traffic and security
  • How to ensure frictionless delivery from test/dev to production