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ngrok Secure Tunnels

Instant access to any system without network pain.
No dynamic DNS, no port forwarding, no VPNs.

Secure tunnels are for

  • Developers

    Put localhost on the internet securely. Introspect and replay requests for a tight feedback loop

  • Universal Connectivity

    Connect to any system regardless of network or location

  • Zero Firewall Friction

    Connect into customer networks. No time wasted on firewall rules, VPNs, or change requests


Native Installation on any OS

Install ngrok using your favorite package manager, including Homebrew, Chocolatey, and Snap
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Online in One Line

Put any service, device, or app on the internet with one command
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Web Inspection Agent

Inspect and troubleshoot HTTP requests in real-time via inspection UI and APIs
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Request Replay

Save hours reproducing HTTP requests and triggering webhook calls with a single click
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HTTP, TCP, and TLS tunnels

Web apps, web services, APIs, databases, SSH, RDP, or any TCP service
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File Server

Serve files over secure HTTP tunnels without standing up WebDAV, SFTP, and file servers
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Runs Everywhere

Supported on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, Raspbian and even on mainframes
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Native Docker Support

Works natively in Kubernetes and Docker environments with the official ngrok container
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Agentless Tunnels

No agents? No problem. Connect with ssh reverse tunnels (ssh -R) or using our native libraries
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Agent APIs

Manage tunnels, collect metrics, inspect, and replay requests programmatically
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Per Agent Authtokens

Provide unique authtokens for ngrok agents, enabling granular access control
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Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Enforce least privilege at the agent with scoped credentials
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IP Restrictions

Restrict IPs and CIDRs where ngrok agents can start
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Zero-Knowledge Encryption (e2ee)

Ensure no one – not even ngrok – can see your tunnel traffic with end-to-end encryption
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Dedicated Ingress Domain

Avoid issues with egress firewalls and whitelabel your agent traffic with your own tunnel ingress domain
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No Shadow IT

Block the use of personal ngrok accounts in your corporate machines and networks
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Resilient to Unpredictable Networks

ngrok agents automatically recover from network outages, changes in IP, and in ISPs
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Resilient to Machine Crashes

ngrok agents work with native OS services like systemd to restart tunnels after machine crashes
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Remote Agent Management

Monitor, stop, restart, and update agents remotely via UI, CLI, APIs, and native SDKs
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Over the Air Updates

Update ngrok agents remotely and without requiring side channels, backdoors, or VPNs
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The ngrok Platform

Secure Tunnels is built on ngrok’s platform, our infrastructure with global scale, security, encryption, and resiliency in one place.

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