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Running ngrok without agents

ngrok offers different options using launching tunnels without downloading or running the ngrok agent. Each option is best suited for different use-cases:

SSH Reverse Tunnel

Launch ngrok tunnels by using the ssh with reverse tunneling (ssh -R):

  • Pros: This option works well in use-cases where you cannot install and download the ngrok agent, but can run SSH locally.
  • Caveats (vs Agent): SSH Reverse Tunnels cannot run multiple tunnels at the same time and don't provide automatically reconnection in case of network outages.

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Docker Container

This option packages the ngrok agent as a docker container, allowing you to work natively in Docker environments

  • Pros: Great for use in Docker environment and infrastructure (i.e. alongside docker compose)
  • Caveats (vs Agent): Limited compatibility to Docker environments.

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ngrok Agent Libraries

Agent libraries embed ngrok in your app's code. You don't have to manage another process or bundle the ngrok agent with your project. They allow you to create ngrok endpoints and define configuration programatically.

List of ngrok Agent Libraries:

Note, some agent libraries are still in-development and are open to change.

Agent Library Guides: