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Using ngrok with Flask


This article assumes you have Python, PIP, and Flask already installed.

ngrok Agent

To share a local Flask development server with someone else, simply run: ngrok http 5000.

You may also need to update your SERVER_NAME and APPLICATION_ROOT in your Flask app configuration to the values provided by ngrok. See the Flask docs for more information.

Note: For users on the latest MacOS, there is an issue where the default port 5000 (and 7000) is used by Apple AirPlay Receiver. You can use a different port for your Flask app or disable the Apple AirPlay reciever by disabling it in System Settings > General > AirDrop & Handoff > AirPlay Receiver.

Python SDK

You can also use the ngrok Python SDK to start a tunnel to the Flask dev server via python code, or using a ngrok ASGI runner with an ASGI Wrapper.