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Account Domain Controls


Account Domain Controls enable you to claim ownership of an email domain like '' and force all log-in and sign-up attempts from emails on that domain to use your account. Domain Controls are a policy tool to enforce all users at your organization to use a single ngrok account that you've set up with appropriate security controls.

A Domain Control may only be created on an account that has a Single Sign-On Identity Provider configured.


Creating an Account Domain Control requires that you verify your ownership of the domain.

When our Customer Success team creates your Account Domain Control, you'll be asked to prove your ownership of the domain. There are different verification methods, but the most common is to create a DNS TXT record on the domain you're setting up.

Behavior Changes

Log in

When an Account Domain Control for exists, anyone attempting to log in with an email address will be required to log in with the Single Sign-On IdPs configured on your account. They will be presented with links to those IdP on the log-in page.

Account Sign-Up

When an Account Domain Control for exists, signing up for a new account with an email address on can be disallowed. Users will be redirected instead to log in with the SSO IdPs configured on your existing account.

Account Creation

When an Account Domain Control for exists, any ngrok users with email addresses can be disallowed from creating new ngrok accounts owned by their user.

Email Address Changes

Users with an email address matching your Account Domain Control are no longer allowed to change their email address to one that doesn't match your domain control.

Retroactive Account Consolidation

Creating an Account Domain Control does not retroactively consolidate existing accounts created by users with matching email addresses. If you require account consolidation as part of creating an Account Domain Control, please contact us for pricing.


Contact us to enquire about pricing for Account Domain Controls.