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Version Support Policy


This document applies to the following products:

  • ngrok Agent


We follow Semantic Versioning, and limit breaking changes to major upgrades.


Our typical minor release happens at least quarterly while our typical patch release is at least monthly. Critical bug fixes may cause a more immediate release outside of the normal cadence. We also aim not to make releases during major US holiday periods.

Support Period

In accordance with our release cadence, ngrok will support a minor release for 14 months. Support includes:

  • Patches
  • Critical Security Fixes

Towards the end of the 14-month support period, the following will happen:

  • The two-month upgrade cycle will begin. During the last two months of a support period, the following will apply:
    • No more patches or critical security fixes will occur.
    • Announcements will be made attempting to notify users through the following channels:
      • Via email
      • Via social media
      • Status Page
      • Documentation Page
      • That release’s agent banner

After the two-month upgrade cycle has ended, the following will happen:

  • The Agent version will enter end-of-life and will no longer be able to connect to ngrok's cloud network. Attempting to connect with an unsupported agent will result in an error message.

Extended Support

Extended support beyond LTS is available to customers on a commercial basis. It includes critical security fixes only. Contact us for additional details.

Release Support Chart

Support StatusReleaseRelease DateLatestActive SupportEnd of Life
End of life3.1x2022-09-143.1.12023-09-142023-11-14
End of life3.0x2022-03-283.0.72023-03-282023-05-28
End of life2.3x2018-12-042.3.402019-12-042020-02-04