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Using ngrok With

Here you will find notes on using ngrok with particular technologies. Think we're missing something? Send a note to and let us know.

CGNATUse ngrok inside Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT) systems like Starlink
DjangoAdd ngrok into your Django application
DockerLearn how to configure ngrok to work with Docker networks
FastAPIAdd ngrok into your FastAPI application
FlaskUse ngrok to host your Flask applications
FTP/FTPS/SFTPUse ngrok to host your SFTP server
GoRun ngrok programmatically with the ngrok-go library
Google ColabRun ngrok inside your Google Colab projects
gRPCngrok TCP tunnels work great with gRPC
JavaLearn how to integrate with your Java projects
KubernetesAdd public and secure ingress traffic to your k8s services with the ngrok Ingress Controller for Kubernetes
Minecraftngrok can help you and your friends connect for online gaming
MongoDBConnect to local MongoDB servers with ngrok
MySQLConnect to local MySQL database with ngrok
NGINXLearn how to configure ngrok when using it with NGINX
Node (npm, node.js)Work with the ngrok agent from your Node application
OpenVPN ConnectUse ngrok to connect to an OpenVPN server running behind CGNAT
Outbound proxyUse ngrok through an HTTP or SOCKS5 proxy
PostgreSQLConnect to a local PostgreSQL server using ngrok
PuppetManage the ngrok Agent using Puppet
PythonLearn how to integrate with your Python application
RDPUse ngrok with Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
RustRun ngrok programmatically with the ngrok-rust crate
RTMPUse ngrok to share your RTMP server
SMTPUse ngrok with SMTP mail servers
SSHLearn how to SSH to a machine from anywhere in the world
Virtual hosts (MAMP, WAMP, etc.)Rewrite the host header for forwarding to virtual hosts
Visual StudioLeverage ngrok when working in Visual Studio
VSCodengrok can help speed up your VSCode development
WebsocketsUse ngrok with Secure Websockets (ws:// or wss://)
WordpressLearn how to use ngrok to host your Wordpress site