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Websocket TCP Converter


This module converts websocket connections to upstream TCP connections.

This module enables browser Javascript to initiate Websocket connections to your endpoint and speak native TCP protocols like Redis, SQL database protocols, SSH, RDP and others directly to a backend service.

HTTP requests that are not websocket connections are rejected with HTTP 400 responses.

Example Usage

ngrok http 5900 --websocket-tcp-converter


This module reads and writes binary websocket messages because many of the protocols you'd like to speak across use binary encodings.



This module does not support any configuration. It is either enabled or disabled.

Upstream Headers

This module does not add any upstream headers.


CodeHTTP StatusError
ERR_NGROK_3206400This error is returned if the HTTP request is not a Websocket Upgrade request.


This module does not populate any fields in events.


Websocket TCP Converter is an HTTPS Edge module which can be applied to Routes.


This module is available on all plans.

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Coming Soon

This documentation is incomplete. Please check back later, we appreciate your patience.