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Traffic Policy actions enable you to modify the behavior of traffic flowing through your endpoints. The following actions are available for use on your endpoints:

TypeDescriptionSupported On
add-headersAdd headers to incoming requests or outgoing responses.Inbound, Outbound
compress-responseCompress HTTP Response bodies as they leave your upstream server.Inbound, Outbound
custom-responseSend back a pre-defined custom response to the client.Inbound, Outbound
denyReject incoming traffic to an endpoint.Inbound
jwt-validationValidate JSON Web Tokens (JWT).Inbound
logEmit an event with custom defined metadata.Inbound, Outbound
rate-limitRate limit traffic to your upstream servers.Inbound
redirectTransform your URL using regular expressions and redirect users through location header.Inbound
remove-headersRemove headers from incoming requests or outgoing responses.Inbound, Outbound
restrict-ipsAllow or deny traffic based on source IP.Inbound
url-rewriteTransform request URLs using regex.Inbound