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ngrok Platform Licensing FAQ

This guide will walk you through frequently asked questions about ngrok's licensing model.

What resources in ngrok’s free plan are limited?

ResourceLimit on Free
Data Transfer Out1 GB
TCP Connections5,000
TLS Connections5,000

How can I see how my account stacks up against my limits?

The ngrok usage page at

How often do limits refresh?

Your count of resources against a limit refreshes on the first day of each month.

How it works

ngrok’s plans are designed to suit the use cases of individuals, teams, and organizations using ngrok to create secure ingress for development and production workloads. Each license at ngrok roughly represents a developer using an ngrok agent for building an application. It includes the ability to run an ngrok agent (or use the agent SDKs or Kubernetes Ingress Controller) with a custom domain or TCP Address.

What's the difference between the usage-based and seat-based plans?

ngrok services are and will always be offered on a limited free tier to the broader community.

Seat-based plans are intended for developers, teams, and organizations using ngrok to test and share their apps publicly.

Usage-based plans are intended for developers who have production workloads and services that they choose to front with ngrok.

For details and to select a different plan, see ngrok pricing.

What do I get for free on ngrok?

Resources included for free:

ResourceLimit on Free
Active Endpoints11
ngrok static domain1
Tunnels per agentup to 3
Bandwidth1 GB Outgoing/month
TCP Connection Rate120/min
Logs/EventsUp to 10,000 per month
OAuth/OIDC MAUUp to 5 per month
HTTP RequestsUp to 20,000/month
TCP ConnectionsUp to 5,000/month
TLS ConnectionsUp to 5,000/month
Webhook verificationsUp to 500/month

Features included for free on all plans

  • HTTPS Tunnels
  • HTTPS Edges
  • Web Inspection Agent
  • Replay Requests
  • ngrok SDKs
  • ngrok Kubernetes Ingress Controller
  • Remote Agent Management
  • Circuit Breaking
  • Automatic Certificates and Encryption
  • Email Support

I hit a limit on my plan. What are my options?

ngrok's free plans are generous, but some users on Free and Personal plans will find that they run into limits.

If you run into a limit, you have two options:

  • You can wait for your cycle to refresh (limits refresh every 30 days per account)
  • Upgrade to a plan with higher limits. If you're using ngrok for testing webhooks, the Pro plan is probably the best fit. If you're using ngrok for production, try the Pay-as-you-go plan.

What do I pay for in ngrok’s Pay-as-you-go pricing?

On ngrok’s pay-as-you-go plan, you get more features and fewer limits (with the option to pay more for resources) than you would on free or the user-based plans. Please note: Our pay-as-you-go plan does have a minimum of $15 per month, invoiced monthly.

ResourceLimit on FreeAdvanced Usage-Based plan
Users1Unlimited at $0
Active Endpoints11$15 per active endpoint per month
Custom DomainsNoneUnlimited at $0, pay per active endpoint
Tunnels per agentup to 3Up to 20
Bandwidth1 GB/monthUp to 1GB per month at $0
$0.10 per additional GB
TCP Connection Rate120/min120/min
Agents1Unlimited at $0, pay per active endpoint
Edges1Unlimited at $0, pay per active endpoint
Logs/EventsUp to 10,000 per monthUp to 10,000/m
$1 per additional 10,000
OAuth/OIDC MAUUp to 5 per monthUp to 5/month
$0.07 per additional MAU
SAML MAUNoneUp to 5/month
$5 per additional MAU
HTTP RequestsUp to 100,000/monthUp to 100,000/m
$0.01 per additional 100,000
Webhook verificationsUp to 500/monthUp to 2,500/m
$0.10 per additional 10,000


  1. Active Endpoints: a domain that sends or receives data through ngrok in a given month 2 3