The authtoken you specified is properly formed, but it is invalid. Your authtoken: <TOKEN> This usually happens when: - You reset your authtoken - Your authtoken was for a team account that you were removed from - You are using ngrok link and this credential was explicitly revoked Go to your ngrok dashboard and double check that your authtoken is correct:

Further help

If you're having trouble resolving this error, please reach out to

Additional Information

The authtoken in your configuration file is no longer valid. You can learn more about the location of the ngrok.yml configuration file here.

You may have been removed from a team where you were formerly a member or your credential was explicitly revoked. In this case, your authtoken will no longer be valid to access the team account.

Possible Solutions

  1. Your authtoken may have been reset. Please check to make sure your authtoken at matches the one that appears in your ngrok.yml configuration file.
  2. Please contact your former team's account owner if you think you have been removed from the team in error or if you believe your credential should still be active.
  3. You are using the tunnel credentials api and your authtoken has been deleted, or is malformed. Please provision a new one or use the default authtoken. The following documentation includes steps on how to do that:
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