Never ask your partners for site-to-site VPN access again

Is your development team bogged down with bespoke network configurations, inbound ports, site-to-site VPNs or change requests?

Embed ngrok to achieve instant and secure connectivity to your partners’ networks.

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Connecting to customer networks is a challenge

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) is an emerging architecture where software is deployed within the customer's environment — to access their data for instance. However, securing network access to a customer's environment can be time-consuming as you have to grapple with VPNs, VPC peering, PrivateLink and firewall configurations, which require extensive security reviews and approvals. This delays time to value and leads to dissatisfaction and churn.


Hassle-free connectivity to customer networks

Deploy BYOC architectures in a frictionless manner by quickly securing access to customer networks without requiring any changes to network configurations.  

  • Embed ngrok with your solution and get instant connectivity with your customers
  • Reach customers networks without inbound ports, site-to-site VPNs, or change requests
  • Connect to customers at scale by eliminating bespoke configurations
Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

Watch the video to learn more about this emerging architecture where software is deployed within the customer's environment.

Boost developer productivity

Save time and effort

Achieve 90% time savings with development, testing and debugging in real-time. Free developers from having to navigate complex networking and firewall configurations.

Accelerate time to market

Iterate faster by speeding up dev/test cycles and feedback loops from customers and other team members.

Deliver higher quality software

Improve quality and minimize risks in production by testing real-world scenarios.

Robust security and controls

Authenticate and authorize

Use your preferred Identity provider such as Okta, Azure AD, or Google Suite to restrict access to developer apps.

Enforce policies

Apply policies such as mTLS and IP restrictions to your services and validate webhook request signatures at the edge. Prevent account sprawl through a centrally-managed, IT-controlled ngrok account for all developers.

Monitor traffic

Block unauthorized requests even before they reach your service, and monitor events in your SIEM or observability tool by forwarding logs and traffic flow.