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Your app online

with one command

ngrok is a simplified API-first ingress-as-a-service that adds connectivity,
security, and observability to your apps in one line

ngrok http 80
ngrok http 80 --oidc= --oidc-client-id=[id] --oidc-client-secret=[secret]
ngrok http 80 --oauth=google --oauth-allow-domain=[]
ngrok http 80 --oauth=github --oauth-scope=repo
ngrok http 80 --verify-webhook=slack --verify-webhook-secret=[secret]
ngrok http 80 --cidr-allow $(curl
ngrok http 80 --request-header-add "country: \${.ngrok.geo.country_code}"
ngrok http 80 --response-header-add "content-security-policy: self;"
ngrok http 80 --mutual-tls-cas=[root-ca.pem]
ngrok tcp 22
ngrok http "file://$(pwd)"

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How it Works

ngrok delivers instant ingress to your apps in
any cloud, private network, or devices
with authentication, load balancing, and other critical controls.

Put localhost on the internet

ngrok is the fastest way to put your app on the internet. Test mobile apps against your development backend. Build webhook consumers and demo websites without deploying.

Connect to networks without pain

No port forwarding, no dynamic DNS, no VPN. Access IoT devices in the field. Connect to your customers' private-cloud software in seconds.

Protect and scale your services

ngrok's edge is your competitive edge. Scale your services with global network acceleration and k8s-style load balancing. Instantly add zero trust SSO, WAF, mTLS, failover + more to any app with no code.

From development...

Zero setup time. Get started instantly with a single command. production

When it's time to go to prod, define your network edge using industry best practice infrastructure-as-code tooling.

The ngrok platform


Automatic certificates and an A+ SSL report card with no config.

Instant domains

Use a ngrok domain with no setup or bring your own domain.


Protect services with OAuth, SAML and OIDC.

Load balancing

Route traffic to multiple backends for scale and fault tolerance.

Runs everywhere

One executable, no dependencies. Any OS, any CPU architecture.


Log all traffic and account activity.

Any protocol

Native support for HTTP, TLS, and any TCP based protocol.

Zero Trust

Add SSO, Mutual TLS, IP Policy, and webhook signature verification.

Built for Developers

All functionality available via API

ngrok api reserved-domains create --name=""

200 OK





Enterprise ready

Controls, audit and policy to meet your business requirements

Dashboard SSO

Manage developer access through your identity provider.

Audit Trails

Keep track of developer activity and tunnel traffic with ngrok’s events system.


Enforce usage of the company account instead of personal ngrok accounts.


Enable default config and role based access control.


Uptime and support SLAs for applications that need them.

Zero-knowledge TLS

Use TLS tunnels to keep traffic encrypted as it passes through ngrok.